Charlotte A Martin

Original contemporary Christian Music

this journey...i believe


This song came upon me one night when I was getting ready to go out to dinner. I was looking in the mirror asking myself "How Do You Know?". And then I thought about all those times in earlier years when it was not uncommon for someone to come out of the blue literally and ask that question..."Have you been saved?". So with that in mind, I realize that God does have a sense of humor. Enjoy!!


"How Do You Know?"    Words and Music By Charlotte A. Martin

 As we live and learn-as we live and breathe. We all know there is eventuality. In our daily lives...In the things we do-someone will walk up to you to see if you've been saved. Have you been saved? You may feel like it's like a guilty trip. You may feel the need to run away. Or maybe plan for what you're going to say. When someone steps into your space. What do you say when you don't know what to say?


How do you know when you've been saved? How do you know that you've been saved? Is it the way you walk is it the way you talk? Is it something in the mirror? How do you know you/ve been saved?

 So these are sudden words in a timeless plan. Maybe a way to explain eternity. But it's hard to think when you're got off guard. How can you talk when your tongue is tied in knots? What do you say when you don't know what to say?


Well you walk the walk and you talk the talk and you like yourself in the mirror. That's how you know. That's how you know you've been saved.



 This next song is about when I first realized that all the wonder and splendor of my church could be taken away because as wonderful as it is to have somewhere to go and worship God, the harsh reality of it all is that it is a business and it requires what businesses need to keep going. Time and money. Remember when your mother said "You can't live on love". Well, in this case, this love is the most wonderful but to have a home, there comes the other part of it. I did not want to lose what I just found!

"The Prayer"  Words and Music By Charlotte A. Martin

Chorus: I love who you are. I know you know me. There are no secrets because you see me-who I am ...who I am.

I find that I can't sleep tonight. There's something on my mind. I know I never felt this way before. From the moment I walked into this room, within a breath I knew I belonged here, I knew I had come home.

This is the love of my mother. Your sister or brother. It's everything to so many, Father we pray.

And as she guards my soul, until that perfect day. I pray with all my strength we will go on. And because I can't sleep tonight I'll say my prayers to you. Please keep them between you and me.


From the moment I walked into this room. Within a breath I knew I belonged here. I knew I had  found my way home to you. This opened my heart to you. I pray with all my strength we will go on.


Because you see us...Who we are..