Charlotte A Martin

Original contemporary Christian Music

the news is this morning lyric page

THE NEWS IS THIS MORNING was written by myself for my church. I wanted to thank my church in helping me reach where I am today in my spiritual life. The last two Christmases have been the most meaningful to me ever. That is because I finally have felt the depth of this Holiday. It is about a gift and that is the gift from God to us. The gift of Jesus.

"The News Is This Morning" Words and Music by Charlotte A. Martin

The news is this morning. Something wonderful. Happened in the world while so many lay sleeping. An innocent beginning in the humblest of ways. The way to our salvation was born on this day.

The news is this morning. There is peace around the world. While the creatures of the manger and the kings across the land. Know by the sound of the trumpets and by the guiding star. The little baby Jesus...the savior of our creatures, the savior of our children. The savior of you and me.

And in the hours of darkness, He is the greatest light.

Through the times of uncertainty, He is the greatest hope.

All of our tears, all of our sadness, all of our worries lay down in the manger. ..lay down beside Him...lay down in the manger beside Him.

 The news is this morning that God so loved the world. That He gave us the greatest...He gave us the greatest...He gave us the greatest gift of all.

The news is this morning. The news is this morning that Jesus is born!