Charlotte A Martin

Original contemporary Christian Music

the news is this morning

The news is good. And Jesus has been born. Please enjoy this Holiday song that I wrote as a Christmas gift for my church. The song does not have to be played just at Christmas. The message is of hope and good news.

This journey... i believe                  The Love Of Angels

 The Open Door                                         I Hear You


 Oh My God                                             I Know It's True

 Beautiful                                                   We Are Not Angels

 You Are The Moment                                    Think Twice

 How Do You Know                                        What I Hope For You

 The Prayer                                                 The Darkness Of The Night

Our Song                                                     Hurry Down

Spirituality                                                 Touched By An Angel

And Finally                                                  The Mystery Of His Ways

                                                                  What I Hope For You Remix

                                                                   Until I Found Out

                                                                   The Love Of Angels





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