Charlotte A Martin

Original contemporary Christian Music

thanks for sharing these comments

"I am a coworker of Charlottes. We don't see one another on a regular basis so I could see a difference in her each time our paths crossed. She has a passion for her gift of music and truely gives God the glory for her inner peace! Her expression of belief is felt in her words and music. She paints a picture of life's journey in all she creates."

Thank you Charlotte!

Friends on Earth, Sisters in Christ! Sherry


"I am enjoying 'This Journey...I Believe' so much. Seeing your concert and hearing your testimony as you introduced each song made it obvious your music is inspired and flowing from your heart. I have listened to the CD several times and have found myself humming a tune (especially so with 'Beautiful') and having the lyrics running through my mind later on! I know that sharing personal experiences and insights publicly is never easy. Thanks for taking the risk and doing so!"





what people have shared with me

While walking the dogs in the park, Kathy, who had purchased "This Journey...I Believe" asked for two more.  She said all she has to do is play the CD and people ask her about it.  She loves the music and as she was talking to me she said she was almost ready to cry because it stirs up her emotions. Kathy- I just have to say I have listened to "This Journey...I Believe" many times and I still get emotional about it.

Donna, who had bought "This Journey...I Believe"  complimented my voice. Thanks Donna. I appreciate it!!  

Malina said my  music gave her chill bumps and she was having chill bumps just talking about the music. Every time I see you, I think about you sharing that with me. Thank you again and again.