Charlotte A Martin

Original contemporary Christian Music


Life is a Journey. It is meant for each of us to experience in our own way as we move through it. As I move through my life, I can look back and see the little pieces of a puzzle that brought me to now. It began with that guitar my father helped me get with blue chip stamps. I might be dating myself but it was a long time ago. I would strum it even though I could not play it. I made up songs in my head and strummed the guitar. Life was good. When I went to high school, I met a girl there that played guitar and sang. We started singing together and she taught me how to play one and a half chords. After that, I taught myself everything else. I also discovered that I could write poetry. My creative writing teacher gave the final exam to everyone in the class and then walked over to my paper and wrote on it..."you can write whatever you want". I still have my book of poetry.
So through the years, I played my self -taught guitar and wrote poetry. I put some of the poems to music and I was happy. After college, I moved to Jacksonville and I felt I needed to express myself more with my music. I would play in little talent shows and a few clubs here and there and I became known as the woman who strummed her guitar and wrote her own songs. I was asked to perform in a show called "The Year of the Child" and that same year, I did a one woman concert at one of our civic centers. To this day I remember the producer of the show looking me in the eye and saying "never give up".  
My next step was to join a local band and sing in night clubs. This went on for many years. I count these years as my time of greatest learning. I sang, I did harmony, I played guitar, and as I realized that musicians can be quite flakey I taught myself how to play bass and keyboards to help cover for missing musicians. Around this time, a new thing was happening with music. It was called MIDI. We were one of the first bands to implement it. It was simply programming parts for those missing musicians. It worked and it helped our two piece band sound like a lot more.
After many years of working a full time job and playing music at night, I just got tired and I recognized that the only time my music was appreciated was when the audience had a few drinks. The smoky night clubs were also on my list of least favorite things. So that final night the band played, we knew it would be...and we were all right with it. I just want to thank Missy Moore for all she taught me during this time.
So my music "rested" for over 15 years. I did not play, write or anything until that fateful day when Sue asked me attend Riverside United Church of Christ. I remember walking in the door and simply knowing this is where Jesus wanted me to be. Each week that I went back, I actually felt my heart warming up. Music was beginning to stir inside of me. In listening to the wonderful musicians there, I became very inspired. So I started to write and sing and play my guitar. I asked Pastor Linda if I could sing in church. And she said Yes!! But God was not done with me yet. He began to inspire me on a regular basis. My path was opening in front of me and I knew where He wanted me to go. So through my music and His inspiration, I plan to spread the love of God and the joy of being a Christian.