Charlotte A Martin

Original contemporary Christian Music

Thank you for checking out my website. What I have to offer is just me and my music. The music can be purchased from various websites but that is not the reason. I enjoy creating music.  I don't know if the music is good or bad.  It is all relative and about perception. I know that I personally feel gratitude and happiness writing music and when someone enjoys it, I feel even more blessed.  The inspiration and the sharing of it is what makes me happy. 




Down The Road

Well, down the road is here. My new album is almost complete. I have titled it "Timeless". Jesus is timeless and I will praise this power as long as I live and breathe. My music circles around the theme of forever and how fragile our lives are. Every day I pray for those that have lost their lives  and know that Jesus will be there from the beginning and through the end. We are "Timeless" because of our Lord.



"Spiritual Companion"

Spiritual Companion has been an exciting album to have the pleasure of composing and sharing. The songs offer a somewhat more contemporary approach to my music.  I did redo a couple of songs from my first album. Just to be able to sit down at the keyboard and the computer to compose my music has been an incredible journey. I have and always will thank God for my inspiration.





The News Is This Morning

This song has been quite popular during this Holiday season. I am so happy to have shared it with so many people over the last few weeks. The News is Good. Jesus is born.



the love of angels

The music of Angels. I wrote these songs because the Angels spoke to me. In particular, I remember the moment the inspiration touched me for the title song "The Love Of Angels". I heard the angel's voice that said "be happy". I looked around and really saw the beautiful day with a gentle breeze and the morning sun dancing through the trees. It was a profound moment. I have to admit that "Thank God for the Breeze " is from Sue's Mother's headstone. She used to say that alot. (Angel number 1). And on the last verse, "Until We Meet Again" is what my brothers and I had engraved on my Mother's headstone. (Angel # 2). So many angels, and much inspiration. All the Angels sing sing just one song.



this journey...i believe

The music of discovery. The discovery of my personal spirituality. The songs are soothing and all have deep meaning to me. On the lyric pages that follow, take time to read the words. Lyrics are meaningful. It is poetry put to music. This Journey...I Believe is a true statement.